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Motivational Speaker

Raising the Bar in Personal and Professional Growth. Enriching Relationships and Life Changing Experiences.

Rave Reviews

David Towne is a powerfully gifted speaker who engages audiences with his insights, wisdom and winsome personality. After working with him for over three decades in education, I marvel at how he motivates others with his authenticity to transform their communities for good. It's in his DNA!

Sarah Kirk, Educator

You always seem to show up at the right time. It's as if you can hear us struggling and recognizing that we need some Vitamin E. I look forward to listening to your stories because they are true and beautiful....maybe except the toenail part, lol!! In all seriousness, sometimes it might not be about the subjects we teach children, maybe it's about the caring and compassion that children need in moments of adversity. I hope scholars remember something I taught them, but more importantly I hope they remember how I truly cared for them, especially in moments of adversity. I believe the main event of school isn't algebra, science, history or even an essay. They are all important subjects and can change one's life, but they are events- not the main event. The Main Event of school is guiding children through the day-to-day adversity that they all go through. Today you shared a few Main Events and with each of those events you guided your students through adversity. As a teacher, if we just took the time to listen to our children.....I hope you can take a moment and watch this video. It is powerful and it reminded me of you! I wish I could of had a teacher like you when I was a student.

Mr. David Mendoza

Every time I hear you speak I am drawn in to listen closely. The experience for me is how I feel when I hear my daughter call me and I have to lean in, focus, and give her my attention to meet the need. You never cease to amaze me on how in tune you are to what a staff may need. I believe the Lord gives you that insight to meet a need that at times may go unspoken or have a chance to become a grumble. Thank you for being willing to draw close and meet the needs of all of us. I am so thankful for you. May the rest of your week be well, may you see and receive the harvest of love that you pour out so freely.

Kareen M. Copeland

David is a born gifted teacher. He has a way of engaging his audience in learning through humor, interactive participation and questioning techniques. David is a people person, and helps everyone feel comfortable and valued.

Judy Davidson, Business and Development

David Towne is an awesome human being and role model. He is a man of great character who truly loves to help others reach their goals in life. David is a dynamic speaker who genuinely connects with any audience through his strong character, humility, and motivational words. I am always inspired when in the presence of David Towne. He always pushes me to be at my best and look at life more positively.

Chad Miller, Principal

Culture is the main focus in my businesses. Cash flow is a distant second!

As a life long entrepreneur and CEO of service businesses, the health and happiness of my team was the difference between success and failure.

David Towne joined our organization and built our staff of 425 with a hyper-focus on what excellence looked like. He successfully balanced with the realization that people are always trying to get better with an expectation of what success looked like for our organization. His "1% better every day" mantra was emblazoned on our walls and expected of our staff. David understands people and how to get the best from them. How to align their purpose with the purpose of our organization. How to help them live actualized lives of fulfillment and enjoyment in their profession.

The proof, and the single biggest metric I cared about, was our staff retention. In an industry with 50-60% turnover, I'm proud to say that we held 89-91% employee retention, directly related to David's training and hyper-focus on culture.

Joe Higgins, Partner at Leman Academies, Business Owner

I have known David Towne for over 30 years. He was a teacher at Flowing Wells Junior High and then at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy in Tucson. He later worked at the Leman Academy as the Director of Professional Development Staff.  His reputation as a teacher was outstanding. He organized trips to Washington, D.C. for his students and was viewed by staff, parents and administration as a Master Teacher.

David is a man of high integrity and honesty. He is a person of deep faith and is a model and mentor for many young people. His message is one of enthusiasm, encouragement, and commitment.
I value David as a friend and colleague. It is without hesitation that I recommend him and his message.

Philip M. Corkill,
Former Superintendent Flowing Wells Schools,
Core Faculty, Capella University

David Towne is one of the finest presenters, speakers, and "encouragers" we have ever used. Whether in a large keynote, a small group breakout session, or an intimate one-to-one consulting, David brings the best of his A-game.

David Towne’s sharing of his story and the powerful stories of other faithful followers of Christ brought tears to the eyes of all in attendance as their hearts were encouraged and inspired in their call to serve the youngest of God’s people.

He will stir your heart, challenge your mind, and encourage your spirit … David Towne is a leader under whose tutelage anyone would be blessed to sit. I’ve used Mr. Towne as a keynote, a workshop leader, a school consultant, and a mentor to come alongside a struggling leader.  In each setting, he became the hands and feet of Christ, encouraging, inspiring, and lifting up all with whom he engaged. David made me laugh, he made me cry, he took me for a ride into his mind of historic factoids I had never heard or considered. He is a presenter par excellence and an educator of the highest degree.

Jerry Bowen
Director, Rocky Mountain Region, Associated Christian Schools International

David Towne has a unique and amazing ability to engage with everyone. Whether it be a large group, small venue, or even just chatting with people one-on-one, his heart to see people learn and grow comes through. He is genuine, sincere, and such an encourager, and his witty humor and ability to communicate in relevant and meaningful ways is refreshing.

Coach Patton

David Towne is uniquely equipped as a master educator and training and development consultant. The breadth and depth of his knowledge and passion for challenging and motivating teachers and administrators is second to none. David is also a highly gifted communicator. His delivery style is engaging, transparent, humorous, and encouraging. I highly recommend David as a conference and seminar speaker. He will be a tremendous asset to your organization’s special events designed to develop current and future educators and administrators.

Dr. Todd Linaman
President, Relational Advantage

David Towne's UpTowne Workshops-Not to Be Missed!

Learn life's most important lessons with David's STAND TALL theme. Laugh as David blends key concepts with laughing-out-loud humor, outrageous fun, and clever creativity. Live a life of compassion, caring, and commitment as he inspires participants to a life of integrity, purpose, and meaning.

David is a Master Teacher who has earned numerous awards and accolades including Arizona Teacher of the Year's Ambassador of Excellence.

Susie Heintz
Educational Consultant